Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gregory Berezkin - 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Hits Mobile Devices This December

My name is Gregory Berezkin and this post is about GTAMost of you guys already know about this video game and probably enjoy it as much as I do. Therefore, this article could most probably get you interested. 

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A few days ago, Rockstar games announced the launch of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for iOS, Android and windows phone devices this December. 
"GTA: San Andreas" was the third opus of the Saga and was one of the most valuable success of the PlayStation 2 worldwide. It seems like we are only a few days away from a classic video game revival on our mobile devices. The game will contain remastered graphics, more dynamic and detailed shadows as well as brand new characters and car models, somewhat to get us geeking for an extra few hours.
More details like price and the exact date of availability are soon to be announced, I will definitely keep you posted when time will come. Stay tuned, 
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Gregory Berezkin - FIFA 14 is highly addictive

Hello again, my name is Gregory Berezkin and today's topic is a really popular football video game, FIFA 14
Soccer has always been, and especially is nowadays, a hot topic for sports fans since the World Cup draw is coming on tomorrow. 
This world n°1 sport is a nice way to do some exercise when practiced on a real football court but more and more people play some virtual football and especially FIFA 14.
I found a really interesting info-graphic released by EA Sports on how big is the market on those days and thought of sharing it with you guys since the figures are really interesting in my opinion. Indeed, EA sports announces 460'000 FIFA matches and 990'000 goals every 90 minutes (length of an actual soccer match)

The top goal scorers out of this 2014's edition are Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema when the most played match-ups are Real Madrid Vs Bayern Munich. Check out the info-graphic for a better insight.

May the goal be with you,

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Gregory Berezkin - LEGO Blues Brothers

Welcome on my personal blog, my name is Gregory Berezkin and I aim in sharing some interesting content on gaming and geek related culture as well as new technology.

The video above is a remake of the Blues Brothers with Lego Characters edited by Bricktease. Indeed BrickTease is all about grabbing some familiar movies or characters and turn them into a Lego project.

In this video, the Lego Blues Brothers will go through a nice car race with the police in a shopping mall using a stop motion with the original scene and movie's soundtrack.

Above is the original scene for those who forgot what this is all about,

If you actually like this video and Lego Characters in general, then you should probably check out their blog for a better overview of the concept


Gregory Berzekin
Geek and new technology wannabe